~~Jodi Arias: A Tragic Conundrum of Epic Proportions~~UPDATE: February 9, 2015

UPDATE 2/9/2015:  More than ever, after looking at more evidence outside the trial, especially Jodi's own journals, and the letter she wrote to Travis' grandmother, I believe Jodi didn't murder Travis Alexander, or kill him. I believe she and her defense team are wedged between many rocks and hard places. I don't know what happened to Travis Alexander, but what has happened to Jodi since she was interrogated by now media representative Esteban Flores, and previously lead detective on this case and jailed in Yreka CA and in Maricopa county's Estrella jail and finally after 6 years under the presumption of "innocent until proven guilty" in  Maricopa Superior Court with Judge Sherry Stephens presiding over this death penalty trial with its panel of so-called "death impaneled" jurors to Jodi Arias is attempted pre-meditated murder. In Arizona, the court was empowered to do so twice, when the first jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict for death, thus causing a mistrial of the sentencing.

UPDATE 8/6/2014:  I still believe that that there is a conspiracy of some type in Maricopa county intent on killing Jodi Arias through lethal injection for a crime she did not commit at all, or for which she was convicted wrongly.

UPDATE 10/25/13:  Jodi has entered a motion to fire Kirk Nurmi.  Jodi's letter to the court.

UPDATE: US postal records show Jennifer Willmott accepted my letter on June 21.  However, Kirk Nurmi did not accept my certified mail and it was returned to me.

* I have published and unpublished my essay/letter several times.  My own conundrum is wondering if my words will have any affect towards complete justice for both Jodi and Travis.  Or if my words could distance that justice even further in some way.  At this point though, things couldn't really get much worse, could they?


A Letter to Defense Attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott

Dear Mr. Nurmi and Ms. Willmott:

I'm writing to present a hypothetical situation.  I hope you will indulge  me.

What would you do if you had a defendant you were assigned to defend who had been wedged so severely between a rock and a hard place through some fault of her own, but also largely through the fault of many others, including law enforcement, the State of Arizona, and other unnamed, unknown parties that no current legal remedy for effective counsel, a fair trial, and untainted jury had even been invented?

What if that defendant's very life hung in the balance because of this quagmire of circumstances, legal impasses, and moral and ethical obstacles?

What if that defendant through happenstance came to visit an old friend found herself unwittingly in the middle of a murder scene?  What if that defendant was Jodi Arias?  What if that old friend was Travis Alexander?

Fast forward now to the discovery of Travis' mutilated body on June 9, 2008 in the shower of his Mesa home.  What if a crowd of Travis' friends from the Mormon church and from the network marketing association, PrePaid Legal, as soon as Travis' body was discovered, started chanting the name, "Jodi Arias", as the obvious killer?    What if salacious stories of stalking and obsessiveness, without so much as a shred of evidence or documentation, of Jodi and Travis' year and a half romance seemed to grow and morph into more and more sinister tales with portents of murder with each passing day?

What if Headline News became a megaphone to the entire world for these stories to be told, with sound bites, and edited clips of photos and videos, all carefully chosen to paint a picture of Jodi Arias as a villainous seductive, murderess, over and over and over again?  What if this campaign was carefully and systematically orchestrated by a group of "friends" of Travis, of whom  many had much to lose, over Travis' less than sainted life being revealed?

What if Jodi Arias had been at the scene of Travis' killing?  Yet she had no part in taking Travis' life except as an innocent bystander who failed to immediately tell authorities?  What if she had run, as she said during Detective Flores interrogation, "like a little bitch", out of fear and that her subsequent actions and lack of calling 911 were motivated by this complete and utter fear?

What if Jodi Arias fled from the scene at Travis' house after being warned by two intruders, who in no uncertain terms told her explicitly to act as if nothing had happened, as if she had not been at Travis' house or even in Arizona?  Anything less than this, and the killers would hunt her and her family and kill them.

What if Jodi had acted just this way, flawlessly, as if nothing bad had happened, and then because of those actions was accused of being cold, heartless, and unaffected by the death of Travis Alexander, a man she has still professed love for, and whose reputation she went to great lengths to try and not reveal in a negative light, when in reality she was acting to protect her family and herself?

What if because of ignorance and an inaccurate perception of the honorable and just protections of Mesa Police Department, Jodi Arias came willingly to the police station and willingly subjected herself to hours of interrogation by Detective Esteban Flores, without legal representation?  What if Detective Flores, obviously worn down by his work, stopped just shy of ever finding out what really happened to Travis Alexander that day?  What if another person or persons stabbed and cut Travis Alexander's body in a manner he never believed Jodi Aria had the ability to do, and they are still freely walking the streets of Mesa today?

What if, because of zero evidence being collected or available to place anyone at the crime scene besides Jodi, through willful ignorance by Mesa Police Department, she was forced to create a defense of self-defense, to even give herself a chance at ever seeing daylight again? 

What if  prosecutor Juan Martinez was allowed by Judge Sherry Stephens to badger, coerce, intimidate, frighten, and abuse defense witnesses and Jodi Arias herself so much so that it has now come to light that the some of the jurors did not even understand completely the evidence that convicted Jodi or Murder in the first degree and felony murder?

What if, since the verdict, new information has come to light and even been sent to your offices, that raises serious questions as to Jodi being the only person at the crime scene?  What if this information is from highly credible professionals in the forensics field?   What if, it has been shown that indeed Travis Alexander had major money problems?  What if through extensive online communications it  has been shown that many others in Travis' life would suffer should his illicit behaviors with women, Mormon, some married, and some not, and his possible pedophilia tendencies be exposed?  What if it can be shown that these friend and associates succeeded in tainting juror members with a variety of intimidation filtered through friends and family of the jurors?

What if the mental trauma Jodi suffered, both in her relationship with Travis Alexander prior to June 4, 2008, and/or on June 4, along with her interrogation by Detective Flores, along with the fears from threats against herself and her family that she received in jail, currently seem to have little chance of being presented in any kind of way that tells the entire truth of the killing of Travis Alexander? Or that  tells the innocence, completely or in part, of Jodi Arias?

Mr Nurmi and Ms. Willmott, as Jodi's public defenders, what would be the next moral, ethical and legal move to make on behalf of Jodi Arias?

What part will you play in this conundrum of epic proportions?


  1. Did you ever get a response from either of them? That is a lot of "what if's"

  2. I feel strongly, that your ''What If's'' are what IS. Will we ever find out, is the burning question...?

  3. What if? the lead defence attorney, having been bribed $200,000 by the State, their having increased his pay by $100/hour; what if he is really working on behalf of the State, and not Ms. Arias . . . ?

    There is some praise out there on the Internet about Mr. Nurmi's legal ingtellect. For him to be managing this case so dastardly, it has to be that it is quite intentional. Yes, I agree with you that there is undoubtedly an orchestrated plan being engineered to terminate Ms. Arias' freedom, possibly even taking her life. Jodi's 12 page letter to Judge Staphens to remove the monster, Nurmi from her case is heartbreaking. Twelve hand written pages documenting Nurmi's calous refusal to be available to his client, Jodi; instructing his receptionist to hang up on Jodi if she tries to leave a message. Not to speak one word of contact with his client for five months, up to fourteen months at a time. There must be a crime in here somewhere! seabird

  4. Most lawyers I've had were insensitive and obnoxious. They think you are guilty like most people and ignore you out of "professional detachment". They are probably also scared of police repercussions due to "guilt by association". Unfortunately, Jodi is not injured to this since its her first time dealing with them.

    I remember joking about Nurmi & Wilmont being the intruders or part of the conspiracy to "disappear" Travis and they are defending her out of guilt. Like I've said its Jodi versus her lawyers, the prosecutor, and the judge since all 4 seem to think she belongs where she is.

    Michael J. Strickland

    1. Yes, good points. All of it is still unsettling.

  5. Sorry. I meant to say:
    "Jodi is not inured to this ..." not "Jodi is not injured to this... "

    Michael J. Strickland


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